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We are committed to carrying out all contracts and associated activities in a manner that minimises the effects on the environment and prevents pollution. Our principal environmental aims are to:

  • Comply with or exceed all statutory obligations and seek to optimise the environmental effects of its operations
  • Consider Environmental issues when making decisions and seek to achieve sustainable environmental results within available resources
  • Establish a system with clearly defined responsibilities for implementing and monitoring environmental matters
  • Establish regular dialogue with Environmental Agencies
  • Make all employees aware of the Company’s Environmental Policy and to provide suitable training for employees, at all levels, to improve their environmental awareness
  • Operate systems and procedures according to best estate management principles that accordingly ensure that environmental matters are considered when planning and carrying out the Company’s work activities
  • Operate auditing system to be undertaken on an annual basis to ensure compliance with regulatory controls and codes of practice
  • Seek to influence customers, contractors, suppliers of goods and services to adopt policies which are consistent with the Company’s Environmental Action Plan


Our reputation has been built on the quality of our work and our main business target, to offer a dependable service, working to high standards within programme deadlines and offering value for money.

At Capstan, we are committed to quality and have developed a Quality Assurance programme to ensure that standards are maintained, including:

  • Skilled and experienced operatives
  • Specialist knowledge and head office support
  • Quality Training
  • Competent foremen at each site
  • Regular site meetings
  • All Foremen issued with mobile phones to enable immediate contact with head office and customers
  • Regular site visits by our Contracts Manager
  • Regular site visits by our Quantity Surveyor to ensure complete, fair and accurate valuations


If you should have an enquiry package that you would like to discuss, please contact us. Enquiries should in the first instance be addressed to our Estimating Department:

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